PlayStation Vita Will Never Die.

I bought my PS Vita through impulse, and I have no regrets.

When I got my Vita, Sony was marketing it as an accessory to the PlayStation 4. A device through which I could continue killing people in Battlefield whilst taking a shit. Having recently picked up a PlayStation 4 this, alone, sold me. Not until I had the Vita in my hands did I realise what a marvelous piece of kit it actually is, and how many games I had at my fingertips.

Whoever tells you the Vita has no games is an uninformed liar, and you should reevaluate who you surround yourself with. Do you really want to be friends with a liar? Nobody wants to be friends with a liar.

Initially the Vita was marketed as a portable gaming system that could play console quality games, and for the most part this is true. Unfortunately, due to poor sales because of poor choices on Sony’s part (I’m looking at you, memory cards) their first party studios seem to have turned their backs on the Vita, but there are hundreds of games coming out on Vita. Tons of big games.

Okay, most of the AAA titles are coming out of Japan (Toukiden 2Attack on Titan) and a lot of them are independent offerings (Super Meat Boy, Abe’s Odyssey: New ‘n’ Tasty) but they are games, nonetheless. And most of the aforementioned games are good games.

The Vita is a lean, mean, indie machine and indie isn’t a dirty word! If Japanese RPGs or visual novels aren’t your style, the diverse library of independent titles should satiate your appetite.

But we’re looking too far into the future. Forget about upcoming titles for a second, let’s look back on the titles that are already out.


Games like Gravity Rush are what the Vita does best. A sort of semi-open world game, with interesting mechanics and likable characters in an episodic story. I have never played a game like Gravity Rush. It is truly unique and I would say it is one of my favourite games based on the movement mechanics alone.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss took that “console quality” tag, and ran with it. Golden Abyss may have made some questionable choices with it’s mechanics, like holding the back camera up to the light (urgh) but nobody can deny that the game would look at home on a PlayStation 3. It did what it set out to do and the results are amazing.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is literally a PlayStation 3 game that runs on Vita. Okay, the graphics have taken a bit of a knock, but you don’t get more “console quality” than an actual console game.


Killzone: Mercenary is another great example of a game that lived up to that “console quality” expectation. The game looks great, and feels like a modern console shooter. Shooters are the 3D platformers of the modern era. It’s what the masses want, and Killzone: Mercenary gives it to them.

And that’s just a few (of the few…) console quality titles we were promised. There are more out there, and there are more still to come.

There’s also the slew of fantastic indie titles. There are literally hundreds of the little bastards. Okay, you can play them on other platforms, but most of these titles are best played on Vita. Some of them just click. Games like Rogue LegacyLuftrausersHotline MiamiOlliOlli and Shovel Knight, to name a few, are right at home on the little handheld that could.


It doesn’t end there though! When I was younger, playing my PlayStation in my bedroom and my Mum would tell me that it was time to do something that wasn’t sitting in my bedroom playing PlayStation, I yearned for some kind of magical GameBoy-like device that would let me play PlayStation on the go, in the back of my Mum’s car, or at my Aunt’s house, or on the toilet. That now exists, and it’s name is PlayStation Vita.

The little guy has access to a bunch of PSOne Classics that can be downloaded directly from the PlayStation Store. My childhood dream has literally come true!

In addition to that, there are a number of PlayStation 2 era HD Collections on Vita, that run and look better on the little guy than they ever did on their native console, with an exception or two, but lets not get bogged down in negativity here. This is a post about opening your heart to positivity, and not letting go of a dying loved one.


The PlayStation Vita is a fantastic little machine, and I firmly believe that anybody that says otherwise has never used one. The Vita’s following is so hardcore because the people who own them fucking believe in them.

Vita will never die, because we will not let it die.


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