January Blues: Gaming Backlogs and Persona 4 Golden

So, Christmas was less than a month ago. The busy season is over, and it looks like the big game releases have subsided for the time being. We are officially in the dead zone. The next upcoming big release is LEGO Marvel’s Avengers on January 26th, so now is a better time than any to try and fire through that ridiculous backlog you’ve built up over the last year, you hoarding mess. Where do you start, though?

I recently registered to The Backloggery which is a useful little tool to let you keep track of what you’re playing, what you’ve beaten and what you still have to play. It seems kind of pointless, but having it outlined right there in front of me has helped me make progress I don’t think I’d have made otherwise. Also, I like lists.

I’ve set up a rule for myself, though: I can’t buy any more games until I beat (or better yet, 100%) at least half of my immediate backlog. It currently consists of 11 games. Most of them are smaller titles that I could beat in a couple of play sessions and earn the sweet, sweet Platinum trophy in a couple more, like Bastion and Broken Age, so logic dictates that I should chip away at them one at a time until I’m done. Dead easy. Cakewalk. Piece of piss.

There is, however, another game that I’ve been playing on and off since September that I foolishly decided to chip away at a little more recently:

Persona 4 Golden.

I’m currently 30 hours into the game and I haven’t even met the whole cast yet. HowLongToBeat.com estimates that the average playtime is around 70 fucking hours. I should stop, and come back later. This whole backlog quest was a terrible waste of thought and effort if I devote all of my time to Persona. I’ll just turn it off, and play another game.

But I can’t. It has it’s hooks in me, badly. The game oozes style and charm, and it’s stopping me from turning it off and playing something else. It’s just that great.

What the fuck have I done?

If I can’t buy another video game until I beat half of my backlog, I’d be best to just shut this blog down. I need to get the fuck away from Persona or it is over.

RIP me.




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