Wii’ve Had Enough – Nintendo NX Rumours Have Me Hopeful

In recent years, I’ve been loyal to PlayStation. Take one look at some of the posts on this blog, and that’s pretty evident. I’m a die hard Vita enthusiast who refuses to let the little guy die, and I’m a whore for PSN Trophies. Sony have been hitting all the right notes since the PS4’s launch, and I’ve eaten it all up.

I wasn’t always this into PlayStation though. My first love was Nintendo, and you never get over your first love, apparently:

Yeah, whatever daddy.

Nintendo have lost me in recent years. About halfway through Wii’s life I fell from the Nintendo wagon due to lack of strong third party support, the casual focus and the inferior hardware on offer. Wii was around until 2012 and it didn’t even have HDMI output. What the fuck, Nintendo?

SNES through GameCube, however, I was Nintendo loyal. The GameCube is probably my favourite console of all time and nobody released games that were as fun and charming as Nintendo. Their games were the best in the business.

The Legend of Zelda series is one of the, if not the, greatest video game series of all time, but I only managed to get about halfway through Twilight Princess before I’d had enough of the terrible motion controls (fuck that compulsory fishing minigame bullshit), and I couldnt even get past Skyward Sword’s 10 hour tutorial session. The Super Mario series is consistently fantastic, and I was a huge fan of Super Mario Galaxy when that came out, to the point that I’m pretty sure that was the first game I ever beat 100%, but by the time it’s sequel was released I was running into PlayStation’s big strong, hunky arms.


It’s a really sad state of affairs. When craving that sweet Nintendo fix, I often thought about biting the bullet, dropping the cash and re-entering that abusive Nintendo relationship, but today’s Nintendo is not the same Nintendo I grew up with. I didn’t even know Wii U was a new console when it was released. I thought it was some kind of incremental N64 Expansion Pak nonsense.

News and rumours have been coming out in recent weeks that Nintendo’s next console, codenamed NX, is to be revealed around May and released around October/November 2016. I’ve been watching NX related rumours like a hawk for the better part of a year and everything I’ve seen so far has me hopeful.

First off, Nintendo’s new president Tatsumi Kimishima, in an interview with TIME, has said that the NX is “unique and different” and that Nintendo are “not building the next version of Wii or Wii U.” Nintendo seem to be aware of the Wii and Wii U’s shortcomings with gamers, and seem to be set on righting those wrongs.

Secondly, back in July at a Dragon Quest event in Japan, it was revealed that Dragon Quest XI, which runs on the powerful Unreal Engine 4, was announced for PS4 and Nintendo’s next console. Making the assumption that that same PS4 version will also be the NX version, that means Nintendo’s NX will have to be technologically on par with, or stronger than, the PS4.

And third, many rumblings have been going around that the NX will be a home console-handheld hybrid, theoretically letting you take games you started in the living room with you to work or to the bathroom. This has only been solidified by Nintendo’s recent patent filing for a touch screen controller that can be taken with you on-the-go.

Each of these pieces of information is a good sign that Nintendo is trying to grab back it’s audience it has lost over the last few years, and a console-handheld hybrid is right up my alley. Why do you think I love the PS Vita so much?

There’s one other piece of news, however, that is quite worrying. Nintendo filed a patent for a console with no disc drive. If this patent applies to the NX, it looks like Nintendo are embracing an all-digital future. That’s a fine stance if you have the system memory to back it up, and a pain in the arse if you don’t.


This also dashes any hopes of Wii U backwards compatibility, so unless Nintendo go the multi-platform route they went with Twilight Princess, I won’t be playing the new Legend of Zelda game that’s slated to release on Wii U this year anytime soon.

The anticipation is killing me. This could be another dud from Nintendo, and I might just be getting swept up in the hype, but all signs point to my Nintendo making their triumphant return, and I can’t wait to see what NX ends up being.

Just don’t name it something stupid, like Wii.




One thought on “Wii’ve Had Enough – Nintendo NX Rumours Have Me Hopeful”

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